The Home Depot Canada Foundation is committed to preventing and ending youth homelessness in Canada.  On any given night, more than 6,000 young people are without a place to call home, making youth homelessness one of the most urgent social issues facing Canadians today.  Through The Orange Door Project., The Foundation has pledged $50 million by the end of 2022 to improve housing options, support life-skills development programs, and invest in research that ensures funding is directed to the most effective solutions designed to help youth build brighter futures.  For more information, please visit: OrangeDoorProject.ca

The Home Depot Canada's-East store has partnered with The Inn of Windsor to raise funds in support of local at-risk and homeless youth.  

 The Orange Door Project is back! Let's prevent and help end youth homelessness together! You can donate $2 in support of The Inn of Windsor at the East Windsor Home Depot from December 3rd -22nd. Find out more about The Home Depot Canada Foundation's fundraising campaign: